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Should Harry Reid step down as Senate Majority Leader?

January 10, 2010

Michael “asleep at the wheel” Steele wants Harry Reid to step down from his Senate leadership post over referring to candidate Barack Obama as “light-skinned” and as having no “negro dialect, unless he wants one.” I don’t agree with Chairman Steele’s opinion — on a large number of issues, when I think about it. The Senate Majority Leader “represents,” and I do use the term loosely, the State of Nevada. I am of the opinion that Senator Reid is simply an ignorant little man with a big mouth with no concept when to keep it shut.

George Stephanopoulos expressed dismay over the leak of a private conversation. I wonder if George is even old enough to remember another private conversation that was leaked. “How can you compare those remarks,” you ask? I do not intend to compare, but rather contrast the remarks. One is an example of openly racist commentary, while the other is stealthy. One is honest, the other is dishonest and neither represents the America I believe in.

Earl Butz’ feeble attempt at humor was the product of a man who openly felt that black Americans are inferior to white Americans. The irony of Mr. Butz’ view is that the Republican Party, to which he belonged, championed of the abolition of slavery, voting rights for blacks (and women) and the Civil Rights Movement. Remember that as President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican, mobilized the National Guard to ensure the safety of the Little Rock Nine — one of the single most significant events of the Civil Rights Movement.

The intent of Harry Reid’s commentary, on the other hand, proves a little more difficult to divine. He expressed either his own stealth view of blacks, as suggested by the GOP leader, or he back-handedly indicted all Americans, as stated by Brit Hume this morning. The Senator is actively engaged in an extreme damage control situation.  I wonder if Americans will accept more of Harry’s newspeak. Harry Reid is almost as famous as Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton for bending the truth (another way to say he’s a pathological liar). In Harry’s world, Democrats are the saviors of black Americans and Republicans are all evil racists. A posting on titled “Harry Reid twists Civil Rights history to bash GOP” dispels the senator’s re-writing of history.

Polls show Harry Reid significantly behind all three contenders for the Senate seat he soils on a daily basis. Should Harry Reid step down as Senate Majority Leader over comments he made in 2008? That question is of little significance. The real question is whether the voters of Nevada will serve Harry with a pink slip in the upcoming election? That is the only acceptable solution to the problem of what to do with Harry.

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  1. Victor- : Bunch permalink
    June 16, 2010 4:56 pm

    Fact is the stupid little comment is small compared to what this piece of work has helped do to the USof A, the fireing squad is more like it, along with the rest of the tresonist bastards


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  2. Oreo Eleanor Holmes Norton defends Harry Reid; says it’s Ok, he is a Socialist « VotingFemale Speaks!

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