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Sheldon Whitehouse: just another statist buffoon

December 26, 2009

Why is it that every time someone disagrees with a liberal policy, the immediate response is an accusation of racism, right-wing militia membership, Aryan group membership, etc? It seems that statists’ love of labels stems from an inability to produce a reply based on anything other than feelings. “How could anyone oppose something to help working families,” they say. When challenged on the methodology or legality, the labels soon begin to spew forth. 

A torch-bearer of the left wing of the statists, Sheldon Whitehouse, launched a tirade at all who oppose the so-called health care bill. His claim that opponents seek to break Obama’s momentum is the only grain of accuracy in his remarks. Yes, I want to break any momentum that seeks to legislate this country further away from the Constitutional Republic our founding fathers envisioned.

Sen. Whitehouse, like so many elected to office, apparently forgets his responsibility to represent the citizens of his state. I seriously doubt that the majority of Rhode Island citizens agree with the comments of their elected “representative.”

Government ownership of Medicare, the post office and social security provide more than a glimpse into the effectiveness of government programs. Promising people more of the same, then chastising and labeling all opponents is not the mark of a representative Republic. Certainly we can do better than buffoons like Sheldon Whitehouse!

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