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Open letter to Colin Powell

May 11, 2009

Dear General Former Secretary of State Mr. Powell;

Your recent assault on conservative members of the Republican Party reveals a naiveté that belies your education and worldly experience. Instead of attacking conservatives, perhaps you should just urge Republicans to be even more like Democrats. Perhaps your true agenda calls for doing away with the two party system and everyone just call themselves a Democrat.

Mr. Powell, I am a former member of the Republican Party. People like you, calling themselves Republican, forced me to re-think my party affiliation. Then again, many calling themselves Republican have been driven leftward over the years by the barn swallow-like neo-conservatives. They fled the Democrat Party and invaded the Republican Party during the Johnson years. The Republican Party still suffers from that invasion and takeover.

As one who refuses to simply vote for the lesser of two evils, I find little comfort in calls for the Republican Party to become more like the Democrat Party. With few exceptions, “mainstream” Republicans already resemble the other wing of the diseased bird of American politics.

Issues such as abortion and gay marriage are very important to people with deeply held religious beliefs. Democrat apparatchiks promote their Party as one that embraces diversity, yet they ridicule and stifle any dissenting opinion. Demonizing persons of faith will not change their beliefs. This bloc of voters finds no home in the Democrat Party.

Concerns over the amount of taxation and rampant income redistribution are the legitimate concerns of yet another group of voters who can never call the Democrat Party “home.” Some members of this voting bloc seek to distribute the tax burden more equally across all Americans by calling for the so-called “fair tax.” I have already stated my opinion of this foolishness, so I see no compelling reason to repeat it here.

The size and scope of the federal government is yet another reason why we cannot “all just get along.” Democrats want a government that does everything for everyone. They believe that kind of government could succeed, if only the very rich would share their wealth with those less fortunate. Republicans disagree, but haven’t the courage to fight for the true forgotten man — not to be confused with the false forgotten man espoused by FDR. This voting bloc is also without a home in the Democrat Party.

There are more reasons, equally compelling, that render a consensus of American political thought an impossibility. The Founding Fathers never intended a democracy for the United States. Democracy implies mob rule. Within the mob, there is no need for individual thought. Those who disagree with prevailing political propaganda find no sanctuary in a democracy (or the Democrat Party).

Mr. Powell, I urge you to rethink your current political philosophy. You are in a unique position to help reshape the Republican Party into a true alternative to the prevailing collectivist politics that dominate Washington. The question for the old general, is whether to lead, or to follow?

Until next time,


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