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Capping executive pay

April 18, 2009

Career politicians are for the most part (with a few notable exceptions) a self serving, power hungry lot. They take home a lot more pay and benefits than the vast majority of their constituents. They don’t have to work for 20 or 30 years to earn a pension. Perhaps that’s part of the lure of politics.

After much thought, I’ve concluded that perhaps one way to return a little more power to the people is to reduce that lure. I think if you’re sincere in your desire to serve the public, that you should do so for the sizable sum of minimum wage, plus food and lodging (in military-style dormitories). That’s considerabily more than the $1 per year they demanded of several private sector executives.

There should be no paid retirement system for politicians. They should enjoy no better medical care than any of the rest of us.

Yeah, I know… file this under the heading “things that will never happen.” But hey, it’s a nice thought, anyway.


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