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A little common sense coming from the Senate (maybe)

March 18, 2009

First, a little background data from several recent entries on my reading list…

Never waste a good crisis, Clinton says on climate. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton intimates that Europe should use Russia’s oil pipeline threats as justification for a “New Green Deal.” Imagine using a political “crisis” as an excuse to increase taxes and government spending. What an original idea! And because we are talking about Hillary Clinton, the story would not be complete without a condemnation of Russia for using energy as a political lever. I could have sworn that’s what she was urging Europeans to do.

In Lomborg v. Gore, our dear Nobel Prize winning former Vice President once again used the tried and true fascist technique of dismissing anyone who questions his man-made global warming religion. “The scientific community has gone through this chapter and verse. We have long since passed the time when we should pretend this is a ‘on the one hand’ issue. It’s not a matter or theory or conjecture, for goodness sake.” Hey Al, I hate to break it to you, but there are a lot more scientists who dismiss your theory of how to make a lot of money at other people’s expense. These programs will do nothing but increase the size and scope of governments all over the world by providing large revenue streams extorted from consumers and taxpayers. How could you oppose something that’s clearly designed to make the world a cleaner, cooler place “for the children?” If Al Gore is truly serious in his beliefs, why doesn’t he lead by example?

The recent University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee study could realign climate change theory is reason enough to doubt that climate scientists even firmly grasp the data they’ve been making proclamations over. Until we truly understand the nature of changes in the earth’s climate, we should not rush to spend billions or trillions of dollars to attack a perceived problem that we may very well not be able to fix.

That brings me back to the subject of this post. In the AP article, 8 Dems oppose quick debate on global warming bill, it appears at first blush that there may indeed be a little common sense coming sense coming from the Senate. Further reading of the piece leads one to question whether there is actually a reason to celebrate this brief respite from the continual stupidity that spews forth from the nation’s capital. Then again, their opposition to including the President’s “cap and trade” bill in the annual budget debate may be the only salvation from legislation that will adversely effect every facit of the U.S. economy.

While professing to be supporters of a free market, our elected officials heap odious regulations on business with the only intent of increasing revenue streams for government. They sell this to their constituents as soaking corporations and the rich and spreading the money back down to the people in the form of new government programs. Those of us who pay taxes know who really foots the bill for all this unconstitutional spending by the federal government. Businesses pay taxes by increasing the price of goods they sell to consumers. There is no escaping this reality. Remember that, every time you hear a politician talk about making businesses pay for this or that “freebie” they intend to provide to you.

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