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Losing liberty, a piece at a time

March 4, 2009

I spend a great deal of my spare time reading. Be it news, commentary, books, magazines, hardly a day goes by that I don’t invest at least three hours in this, my favorite past time. There are times when I feel that I just need to veg out for a bit. But something calls me to pick up my glasses and read just a little while longer.

For those who may wonder, my reading interests are as follows:

  • History
  • Economics
  • Politics

Lately, I’ve read a considerable number of articles that cause me to believe that many of my fellow citizens do not know the meaning of liberty and freedom. They appear to be only too willing surrender their remaining liberties for the sake of security. Worse still, they appear to be willing to embrace socialism, sold to them as “hope” and “change.”

Over the past few years, hasn’t it been Democrats raising fears of the rising Police State? There are a lot of people still complaining about the previous administration’s abuses of civil liberties and trampling of the Constitution. John Dean, after reading about the Bush memos released by the Obama administration said Bush almost became an ‘unconstitutional dictator.’ Mr. Dean is well known for his role in the Watergate escapades. If not for his self preservation instincts (aka his role as a snitch), we might never have learned of the true depths of criminal acts surrounding that dark chapter in the history of the US presidency.

But has anything really changed with the ascent of the prophet of change? Have any of the odious portions of the “Patriot Act” or its successor been removed? Has the government given up on its pursuit of our personal information; where we go, what we do, how we spend our money, our associations? Sadly, they have increased their efforts at control of the population.

With a very liberal Democrat sitting in the Oval Office, the Department of Homeland Security is actively pursuing a next generation REAL ID, a national identification card, in the form of a radio frequency identifier equipped driver’s licence. There’s no reason to concern yourself however, you have your government’s assurance that they’ll do the right thing with your personal information. Afterall, the federal government only has your best interests at heart, right?

Ordering medical records to be stored and made available on-line leads to yet more abuses of privacy. Of course that was all a part of the administrations plan to socialize medical care. Taking lessons from other experiments in socialism, one can logically deduce a rationing of health care is coming at a point in the not too distant future.

Where are the rugged individuals formerly known as Americans; those who believed in individualism and liberty? I see a few calls for a new tea party, largely based on the insane spending programs coming out of Washington.  There is a lot more than an ever-increasing tax burden to be concerned about. Our freedom and liberties are being taken from us, a piece at a time.

I suppose as long as people can still watch their soap operas, game shows,  sports and let’s not forget the corporately owned “news” on TV, there won’t be too much chance of a real tea party.

When I start hearing people opening their windows and screaming at the top of their lungs “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more,” I’ll know the tipping point has been reached.

Until next time,

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