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“I pledge…” the new mantra

January 27, 2009

Many people who start watching this video (produced by HARPO), will be tempted to stop it, because it’s a bunch of wealthy celebrities pledging to redistribute your money and force you to bow to the collective good. Some of you may think that’s not such a bad idea. Fascists will love it, because it brings forth more good sound bytes that are inarguable – how can you be so cold as to not care, etc. The other arm of the brown shirt, red shirt team, Socialists, will love it because it’s markets wealth redistribution.

However, pay attention to the last 30 seconds of the video, where Demi Moore pledges to be a servant of the president. She’s (supposedly) free and I really don’t care whether she spends her time at home, or in a French maid outfit in the White House. The point is that government was intended to serve the people, not the other way around. Is this a slip of the tongue, or a precursor of things to come? We don’t need another Hitler Youth program…

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