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What do so-called environmentalists actually care about?

December 31, 2008

They claim to care only about saving the planet from the ravages of unrestrained humanity. They tell us how we should live our lives. They themselves are somehow exempt from compliance with any of the rules they want to force on the rest of us.

They bullied the U.S. Congress into passing legislation, which the President signed into law, that prohibits manufacture of incandescnet light bulbs, in favor of compact flourescent bulbs. They knew, but did not tell Congress, that the CFL bulbs represented a huge health and environmental risk. Some of us wrote to our elected representatives about the dangers of mercury contamination inherent in breakage of CFL products. Those warnings fell on deaf ears; their votes already paid for by the lobbyists and the corporations they represent.

Those “well intentioned” purveyors of green religion (or if you prefer, Kool Aid) would like to a introduce European-style cap and trade program here in the U.S. They continue to push for laws requiring stricter vehicle emissions standards. They know that every one of their schemes is aimed at increasing the size and scope of government, controlling behavior of the masses and increasing thier wealth while simultaneously draining the wealth of the poor and middle classes.

If they were truly concerned with saving the planet, they would preach the benefits of geo-thermal energy for homes and buildings. Why don’t they offer incentives to the inventor of a power/fuel system that can power a car that can travel over 500 miles at 70 miles per hour without replenishing the non-fossil fuel of your choice?

Instead of doing anything that will reduce our dependency on foreign oil, coal and nuclear energy, they continue to lobby Congress, pushing for legislation that benefits only a few at the expense of the many.

Congress, in passing laws at the behest of the prophets of the green religion, only accomplishes the task of rendering American companies unable to compete in not only domestic, but in world markets. They can not legislate corporations into a state of competitiveness. They can not force poor and middle class families to pay ever higher prices for goods and services and not expect their standard of living to deteriorate.

When you hear these prophets of environmental doom comparing those who disagree with their stated agenda with holocaust deniers, just follow the money trail. It’s not that hard to connect the dots and discover the true agenda of the so-called environmentalists.

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