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Bring out your dead (they can still vote!)

October 19, 2008

I’ve been paying attention to elections since the 1964 Presidential election. In that election and every election since, Democrats have been registering the dead to vote. They’ve registered convicted felons who have no voting privileges. They’ve convinced people to register – and vote – numerous times. All the while accusing those ruthless Republicans of denying the will of the people by trying to suppress the vote.

The large number of technological advances over the past 48 years should have ensured the validity of the voting process. Yet, here we are in 2008 and the problem is larger than ever.

In an election decided by just a few votes, those engaged in voter fraud are guilty of actually denying the will of the people. They steal elections to provide power to a candidate or a political party. And we the sheeple allow this to happen.

Over that 48 year period, I’ve read and heard of many complaints, but not a single arrest, trial, conviction.

Is it because we know that no matter which faction of the Republicrats wins the elections, we know that the only change we can count on is more government bureaucracy, more programs, more spending, larger public debt and an ever-increasing tax burden? Without dumping the current political duopoly, there is no hope of real change.

However, we can ensure that a person votes only once in an election. Perhaps we should handle voting here the same way we handled voting in Iraq. When a person votes, the right thumb is dyed a nice shade of purple. This simple method ensures a single vote for each voter. And those who attempt to vote more than once should be treated to inmate status at a local jail.

This doesn’t solve the problem of validating registrations, but it does ensure that each person votes only once in each election. Just some food for thought…


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