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The road ahead

June 17, 2008

It does not take a historian to see that America began drifting away from the principles that made her great. We did not simply wake up on September 12, 2001 and find a brave new world. The metamorphosis began over a hundred years ago. Personal income tax, the creation of the third central bank, Social Security, Welfare, Medicare and Medicaid each tore at the pillars of our society with complete disregard for our Constitution. Each program increased the size of government at all levels and began the ever-increasing transfer of wealth from individual citizens to government.

Mismanagement of these and other programs, coupled with the government’s innate ability for spending more money than it takes in, leave us to deal with the specter of a fiscal tsunami. The country, and by default, we, are $9.5 trillion in debt now. It looks as though we are on track to add another $750 billion to that debt this year.

Our government services that debt by making interest only payments. To do more would mean elected officials must deliver real “change,” rather than simply use “change” as part of a slogan in political campaigns. Instead of promising ever more goodies to a population of consumers bloated with burgeoning personal debt, the government must learn to adjust to fiscal realities and live within its revenue streams.

Not only have our elected officials continuously demonstrated a lack of responsibility and accountability, the retirement program they mandated for us, Social Security, will soon be insolvent. It is not because we did not pay into the program. Our elected officials, faced with insufficient funds, “borrowed” that money from the hard working people they represent. And it is we the people who will repay that loan through more tax increases.

Government subsidized health care (Medicare and Medicaid) was never sufficiently funded and the resultant cost to each person in this country is well documented by the GAO. The Comptroller General himself described the burgeoning cost as a $750,000 mortgage — with no house.

I can’t name a single program the government has offered to make our lives better in some way that can be called successful. Yet every election year, we hear politicians promising more “entitlements.” Where is the authorization for these so-called “entitlements?” Unlike the vast majority of people I know, I have actually read the Constitution. I cannot find any of these “entitlements” within that now unused document.

The road ahead is fraught with dangers to our freedom and liberty. The danger is not from foreign invasion, it is from within. Our elected officials have mortgaged our future for their own political aspirations.

It is time for true change, and that change must come from a well-informed electorate. We must stop electing and re-electing people who deliver more of the same.

Ron Paul’s campaign gave me a glimmer of hope for the future. He was the only candidate representing true change. Although he is no longer a candidate for the presidency, his Campaign for Liberty lives on.

If we are to survive as a sovereign nation, we must see real change. That real change must come very soon.

Until next time,

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