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Man-made climate change — it’s all about control

May 29, 2008

With so much evidence to the contrary, the zealots of man-made climate change are still crying, “the sky is falling.” They just don’t seem to understand that the big ball of burning fire in the sky (aka: Sol, the morning star, the sun, etc) – and the Earth’s orbit around it – has a lot more to do with climate change than human beings will ever have.

Al Gore is profiting from his very public campaign to save the planet from the evils of human carbon abuse. The Royal United Services Institute warns us that global warming may lead to war. Prince Charles claims that we have only 18 months to avert a climate disaster and save the planet. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg compares the threat of global warming to terrorism.

And now, in Britain, the “influential” Environmental Audit Committee is now demanding that every adult be forced to carry and use a “carbon ration card” when buying auto fuel, airline tickets and household energy.” The article goes on to say “Under the scheme,” (a very appropriate choice of words!) “everyone would be given an annual carbon allowance to use when buying oil, gas, electricity and flights.” If that limit is exceeded, individuals would be able to purchase unused rations from other individuals. It’s unbelievable that after years of working to shutdown black markets, the UK government is now advocating a comeback — under the banner of saving the planet.

Adoption of this “scheme” simply means the cost of living for the average British citizen will rise… another tax in the name of environmentalism. The net effect is that the poor will continue to get poorer. As the cost of living goes up, poorer citizens will be all too eager to sell their “carbon rations” to wealthier individuals and families. This “scheme” ensures that the wealthy can continue with no real interruption in lifestyle.

Any elected official proposing such sham legislation should be voted out of office – if not run out of town on a rail!

The sad part of this whole story is that the United States seems to be following in the green footsteps of Europe. At the moment, the eco-socialists appear to have the upper hand; too many people have drunk of the goblet of green Kool-Aid. And once a government – any government – sinks their teeth into more tax revenue, it’s never returned to the people; government continues to grow, at the expense of its citizenry.

When you see government at any level doing something “for your own good,” simply follow the money trail and find out who really benefits from the politicians’ generosity with your hard-earned money. It is after all, all about control…

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