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Like a Phoenix

May 21, 2008

Ever since my trip to Curasao, NA, I’ve waged an internal conflict over this blog. At one point, I’d firmly decided to shut it down and move on. That lasted about 30 seconds. Funny how the mouse over the “confirm” button gives one pause. My decision is rather obvious.

Readers come and readers go. If I want my small voice in the wilderness heard, it is clear that I must post regularly. The content of each post must contain something worthy of your time. A little entertainment might also be a nice touch. Speaking of entertainment, I’m going to share the story of “where web pages come from.” I don’t know whom to credit for this analogy of “where babies come from,” but I enjoyed it enough to share it with you.


Topics ahead are politics (of course) climate change, real estate, economics and general stupidity that feel it necessary to rant about

Until tomorrow,

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