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A brokered convention for the Democrat Party

March 13, 2008

The Democrat Party heads to yet another brokered convention. Like 1968, a means other than primary victories will decide the Party’s nominee. But what happens if an all out war ensues over which of the two candidates should win the brass ring and go forth to do battle against Sen. McCain in November? What happens if the deadlock continues more than a few hours? What happens if there is so much bad blood between opposing factions within the Party that it becomes apparent the two sides can’t overcome their differences and unite behind one of the two?

In a once smoked filled back room, a standard bearer is anointed. A true champion of liberal causes who has long called for “real change” emerges. Eschewing a political life, this knight in waiting is well known, not only within the Democrat Party, but a household name across the country. Indeed, the celebrity status of this personification of all things left wing is recognized in almost every corner of the world.

Answering the call of his Party, Al Gore takes center stage and once again goes off to battle yet another evil not really conservative Republican nominee.

The odds are that this will never happen. Then again, you never know…


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