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Harry’s home, many others still in harm’s way

March 2, 2008

Ever since Matt Drudge broke the story of Britain’s Prince Harry on the front lines in the War on Terror in Afghanistan, the press has been in high gear to get every detail into print. I have to admit that I’ve read a good bit of those details. I just finished reading The Sun’s “Hero Harry’s Home” and I noticed something very unusual. The article struck my fancy because for all the Royals chasing done by the press, The Sun didn’t quite seem to know which Prince arrived from the war front.

The first photo is appropriately captioned “Touch down… Harry emerges from plane.” They got that one right.

The second photo is labeled “Wills and comrades cross tarmac.” Apparently staff members at The Sun are in need of remedial proof reading or “Know your royals” training.

While we celebrate Prince Harry’s safe homecoming, let’s not forget that thousands of his comrades at arms (including allies) are still in harm’s way. Pray that they will be fortunate enough to go home safely, too.


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