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What’s in a name?

February 27, 2008

Why is it less offensive to say “Hillary Diane Clinton” or “John Sidney McCain” than it is to say “Barak Hussein Obama?” And why does John Sidney McCain feel it necessary to apologize for someone not related to his campaign saying the name Barak Hussein Obama?

Is there something magical about that middle name? Does it tell you more about the man than his record as a public official? Will his middle name be the sole detractor that will wrest an election victory from the Senator from Illinois?

I don’t agree with Sen. Obama’s political philosophy. I won’t be voting for him in November. Nor will I vote for Hillary Clinton or John McCain. I simply can’t hold my nose long enough to vote for any of them! For me, the general election comes down to a 3rd party candidate or a write-in vote.

I want my fellow Americans to do their homework. Get past the rhetoric, the Democrat or Republican Party labels and look at each candidate’s position on the pressing issues of our time. Make a choice based not on the candidate’s middle name, but on your substantive agreement with the candidate’s positions.

Don’t go to the poll to vote against a candidate. If you can’t vote for someone, try looking at a 3rd party or cast your vote for a write-in candidate.


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