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The Republican whine and cheese party

February 15, 2008

I’ve listened to talk radio more in the past three months than in the last three years. Think of the entertainment value: talk show hosts writhing in agony. Just the thought of that probably increased their market share!

The common theme among the hosts is their dislike and distrust of John McCain. “He’s no conservative,” they proclaimed – and still do. However, in the aftermath of Super Tuesday and the apparent inevitability of John McCain as the nominee, a change in attitude is beginning to show.

After saying that a McCain or Huckabee nomination would destroy the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh made the tongue-in-cheek claim that he was John McCain’s secret weapon. It was his criticism of McCain that drove independents and moderates to the polls, he said. Ok, whatever.

Sean Hannity complained that McCain was not a conservative and that Huckabee was stealing votes from the real conservative – Romney. He even went as far as telling his listeners that he was voting for Mitt Romney. That attempt at swaying public opinion worked just as well as the “he’s not a conservative” argument.

The theme emanating from talk radio callers is that although they don’t like and don’t trust McCain, they will grudgingly vote for him to prevent the Democrat nominee from gaining the Oval Office. Amazing! If you don’t trust the man, why in God’s name would you vote for him? The lesser of two evils is still evil!

I’m not buying any of that “he doesn’t smell quite as bad as the Democrat” snake oil. I could never support John McCain. There’s the McCain-Feingold assault on the 1st Amendment; the McCain-Kennedy (attempted) shamnesty; his infamous “maybe a hundred” reply in New Hampshire; his support for socialist “green” legislation that will result in increased taxes and a loss of sovereignty; and his (almost) forgotten theme song “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” For a look at the only TV advertisement his opponent needs to use, check this out.

If you’re getting more than a little tired of mediocrity, perhaps it’s time to look  to a 3rd Party candidate. May I suggest either the Libertarian or Constitution Parties? You may find a candidate you don’t have to hold your nose to vote for.


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