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Romney to withdraw from race?

February 7, 2008

The Hill speculates that Romney will withdraw from the race, possibly after meeting with his congressional supporters today. Some would argue that he should bow out now for the sake of party unity. I couldn’t disagree more. There is no party unity at this point, and I seriously doubt John McCain could ever bring that unity.

The vast majority of conservatives stayed home from the polls this primary season. The low number of Republican voters is indicative of conservative dissatisfaction with the choices presented to them on the ballot. While one might understand a lack of enthusiasm, conservative apathy will lead to disastrous results for the Republican Party.

His message of the day is one of a reincarnated Ronald Reagan. His years in the Senate belie that facade. He mulled John Kerry’s offer of a vice Presidency. He was very close to abandoning the GOP in 2001. Does that sound like Ronald Reagan? John McCain is a Republican in name only (RINO).

The mainstream media currently exhibits a love fest for Sen. McCain. All coverage paints the picture of a decorated war hero. I’ve seen unflattering stories detailing alleged misdeeds. Those rumors, if true, should have surfaced many years ago. They have no place in the here and now. I have no problem with giving the man respect for his military service and his years as a prisoner of war.

I do wonder why the corporate propagandists mainstream media seem to have forgotten all about the only Republican senator once known as a member of the “Keating 5.” When caught in an impropriety, four Democrats and One Republican contested the Senate Ethics Committee’s authority to discipline them for their actions on behalf of Charles Keating. Keating was the owner of a failing Savings and Loan – and a large political contributor to each of the five Senators.

John McCain is one of many politicians who have forgotten that public servants must at all times remain above reproach. The appearance of impropriety leads to a general distrust of all elected representatives.

A McCain nomination would spur the press to dredge up all of McCain’s negatives that seem to have been conveniently forgotten – negatives remembered all too well by conservatives.

The prospect of a brokered convention is the one thing that can change the role of “Designated Loser” for the Republican candidate this November. For that reason, I urge Mitt Romney to fight on.



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