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It’s the national debt and our “entitlement” programs, stupid!

January 17, 2008

There’s a distinct possibility that I may be seen as ranting on this subject, but I’m of the opinion that it’s the real major issue of our time. We are being deluged by campaign promises. Our national debt exceeds $9.5 trillion dollars. The national debt has grown without pause, my entire life. There is only one reason that number continues to climb by the second: our elected representatives will not take their responsibilities as good steward with any degree of seriousness.

The major issue of this generation, and future generations is the end of financial slavery. The end of our bondage will not come about if we continue to elect fools who promise more free (you pick a topic). Even if we were to “tax the rich” until all of the wealthiest citizens fled the country or were living in abject poverty, this country could not meet the financial obligations promised by current and past politicians.

Last Thursday, Reuters ran an article proclaiming that Moody’s Investment Service warned that unless something is immediately done about our health and social security entitlements, the government bond rating of the United States of America would be reduced below triple-A for the first time since 1917.

On Monday, Pat Buchanan posted an article titled “Subprime Nation.” He rightly points out that, with the exception of Rep Ron Paul, the Republican Party seeks to expand the use of the US military to maintain our many world-wide commitments. Even more frightening, the Democrat party continues to promise ever more entitlements that we already can’t afford.

In my opinion, both parties need to stop finding ways to spend our children’s inheritance into oblivion and start paying attention to the very real possibility that we could very well be facing an economic meltdown that may well make the depression of 1929 look like a walk in the park.

Before heading to the polls, pay attention to the real issues of our time. Get to know each candidate’s position. Check each candidate’s voting record. Make an informed decision. Put your faith in God, not in the empty promises of pandering politicians.

Let freedom ring!

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