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Thoughts on Michigan and the Primary Election Process

January 13, 2008

While I was out and about the ether, I happened upon this blog post. It seems that the Daily Kos is urging Michigan Democrats to vote for Romney, a Republican. The author of Blogs 4 Conservatives poses that Republicans should abandon Romney to offset the Democrat party’s attempt at keeping Mitt in the race as a “spoiler.”

It seems that only Hillary Clinton is on the Michigan Democrat ballot. That’s probably enough reason to urge people to vote for a member of the other party

I’m going to have to put my $.02 in the circle on this one.

The blogger feels that Mitt Romney is not a viable candidate and is therefore  undeserving of Republican voter support. I maintain that the primary election process is to contrast differences in candidates within a party. There is ample time to campaign against the other party between the conventions and the general election.

The mainstream media started telling us who was a viable candidate long before the first person announced the intention to run. Rush Limbaugh has gone on the record as saying that Mike Huckabee and John McCain are not conservatives. Sean Hannity once again proved his ignorance by labeling Ron Paul as a Democrat!

If, as the author of Blogs 4 Conservatives says, Romney should be abandoned and Rudy Giuliani is sinking in Florida, that leaves Huckabee and McCain as the only viable (i.e.: not eliminated by “conservative” talk radio propaganda) Republican candidates. If true, I wonder if Rush Limbaugh will once again retain the role of official water carrier in the upcoming general election.

To date, there has been one caucus and one primary election. I strongly disagree with anyone who claims that we need to eliminate candidates at this point. The primary process allows us the time to take a closer look at each of the people who would be President of the United States. Each candidate is deserving of a long hard look before the rest of us head to the polls.

Let freedom ring!

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  1. January 13, 2008 7:32 am

    I agree Completely and I say that as a Huckabee supporter. THey were trying to tell people to withdraw back in JULY!!!!

    THe heck with them. Let the process work

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