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The American Revolution Was Fought Over Less Than This

January 11, 2008

I’ve been thinking of what to write about this since Christmas day, when the AP ran a story about a community that wants to allow its senior citizens to work to pay taxes.

I can’t describe the anger I felt as I read this story!

There is something fundamentally wrong with a state and community taxing its citizens to the extent that it is no longer possible to pass the family home from generation to generation. When governments at all levels have collected an amount in taxes that exceeds the original selling price of a home, it’s time to say enough is enough.

But to whom do we the people turn for relief from an oppressive government?  George Washington is long dead. Thomas Paine would roll over in his grave at hearing of the losses of liberty and high rates of taxation the citizens of this great country suffer at the hands of our own elected government.

The story begins by describing the plight of Audrey Davison. Living alone, needing a walker to get around and drawing a Social Security pension of $620 per month, she was forced to take out a reverse mortgage to make ends meet. She’s resided in the same 4–bedroom home for the past 43 years. This years’ tax take by the state of New York and the city of Greenburgh amounts to $12,000.00.

The city’s proposed plan would pay seniors $7 an hour and give them the opportunity to work off up to $2000.00 per year in taxes. There are a few problems with this proposal.

The earned wages would have to be tax-free and directly credited to the properly tax bill. That would require state legislature approval. Hmm… I wonder how Uncle Sam would feel about someone receiving an un-taxed trade of their services rendered to an inferior governmental agency.

Another sticking point is that city, county and state agencies would have to convince unions that the seniors’ work program represents no threat to union members’ job security.

A fellow by the name of Scott Parkin is the spokesman for the National Council on Aging. In his opinion, this work to pay taxes program is alright as long as it’s not menial labor. Ha!

It’s time to elect people who take the responsibility of representing their fellow citizens seriously. Study the issues, study each candidate’s position and compare the rhetoric with the record. The time has come to take back our government.

Let freedom ring!


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