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The Granite State motto “Live Free or Die” soon to be put to the test

January 6, 2008

Time for New Hampshire primary voters to fish or cut bait. Will they choose to win back their civil liberties? Will they choose to protect their personal information? Will their votes demand that unconstitutional wars be ended and the troops brought home to strengthen our own borders? Will their votes mean they want an end to the military occupation of 130 countries around the world? Will they reject the Federal Government’s demand for a national identification card? Will their votes mean the beginning of the end of the unconstitutional cradle to the grave entitlement mentality so predominant in today’s society?  Will they demand a reduction or elimination of an odious tax burden on their personal wealth? Will they tell the political establishment that they don’t want a North American Union?

Or will they show the rest of the nation that more of the same is good enough for the residents of a once proud state whose motto “Live Free or Die” now rings hollow?

We’ll all know the answers in just a little over 48 hours from the time of this post.

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