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No more ‘anchor babies’

January 6, 2008

The headline reads “Ron Paul shocker: No more ‘anchor babies.’” The story then describes the anger of his Libertarian supporters over a 30 second TV spot. Justin Raimondo called Paul’s ad “disgraceful.” I find it hard to believe that people who have supported Ron Paul are unfamiliar with his previously stated opinions.

There is absolutely nothing shocking about this campaign ad. It is in harmony with statements Rep Paul made during an interview with CNN’s Lou Dobbs. The question was posed about H1b visas, which are supposed to be used to bring bright, young, highly skilled workers into the country, that are being granted to low skilled workers. Here’s a summary of Rep Paul’s comments during that interview:

“That I would not have as much concern about… I think it needs monitoring… but my biggest concern are the illegals.  I’m concerned about all the enticements we give to the illegals… automatic citizenship by being born here… just be here for a while and you get to the front of the line… free medical care… free education. No wonder they bring their families. So I would get rid of all the benefits to the illegals…”

The interview dates back to early May, 2007. Why then are my fellow Libertarians “shocked” and appalled at this New Hampshire TV spot? Did they wake up yesterday and finally decide to pay attention? Does a single hot button issue cause a sleeper to awaken?

By law, US citizenship is granted to babies born to parents under the jurisdiction of the United States. I have a daughter who was born in the Republic of Korea. Because I was under the jurisdiction of the United States, even though I was physically located outside the United States, my daughter was afforded US citizenship. Because her mother is a Korean national, and she was born in Korea, our daughter is eligible for Korean citizenship should she so desire.

I would argue that parents who enter this country illegally are not under the jurisdiction of the United States. Only legal immigrants meet that qualifier. Giving someone a free ticket to the front of the line is unfair to all the people who try to come to this country legally.

An immigrant visa is very difficult to obtain. A dear friend of mine is a Korean national. He is a highly skilled Information Technology worker. I met him while working at a US military base in the Republic of Korea. After working for the US government for 15 years, he was entitled to preferential immigration status. His request was denied. He waited another year, gathered new recommendation letters from US citizens, resubmitted his immigration request and moved to San Antonio Texas this year.

If we make it that difficult for a skilled worker we’ve given preferential immigration status to, why then do we make it so easy for illegal immigrants, many of whom are low skilled, to attain legal status and grant them a fast track to citizenship?

Given our current policies and open borders, I’m frankly surprised that millions of people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East don’t flock to our southern border and scurry across at night, knowing that if they can just make a living and hide for a couple of years, they can have the immigration status they would otherwise have been denied.

One final note… if we continue on the fast track to the North American Union, all this talk of illegal immigration, anchor babies, etc will be pointless. Open borders and abandonment of sovereignty are not in the best interest of this country.

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