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“Hard man” of climate-change – yeah, right!

December 17, 2007

After reading this article in the UK’s Daily Mail I just have one question. Does anyone think the guys pictured to the left of (and looking at) Mr. de Boer take him any more seriously than I do? Words like “amusement” and “disdain” spring to mind when I look at their expressions, and I think I’m being charitable!

Perhaps his on-stage breakdown and outpouring of emotion qualifies him as some sort of Dutch “drama queen.” I think he’s in dire need of a high colonic.

For maximum dramatic impact, the so-called “hard man” of climate change should have permanently reduced his output of carbon-dioxide to zero. And if he has any disciples, they should follow his lead. Yes, if all those prophets of doom and proponents of carbosocialism would simply stop breathing, the world would be a better place. And we’d all sleep better knowing that the world’s population of lunatics was significantly reduced.

Ok, I’ll admit that’s a bit harsh. I simply tire of reading socialist propaganda about accords on man-made global warming. And Mr. de Boer’s assessment that a lack of agreement on global warming could “plunge the world into conflict” is pure lunacy. A war fought to reduce carbon emissions would surely produce a hell of a lot of carbon emissions.

This period of global warming is a natural cyclical occurrence. It has happened before and will happen again. The activity of the sun is directly related to temperatures throughout our galaxy. There is only so much humanity can do to offset solar activity. No amount of global taxation or global governance will cure the phenomenon.

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