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GOP frontrunners sucked in by carbosocialism

December 13, 2007

I’ve already stated that I like the word Sean Corrigan used to define the “blame man and make him pay” mentality at work in the world today. I’m certain you’ll be seeing “carbosocialism” in this space from time to time, beginning today.

You expect the left to continue blaming global warming on mankind. Classic Liberalism has been replaced by militant socialism in this country, and elsewhere it would appear. They’ve never spared an opportunity to engage in wealth redistribution and mass behavior modification. Quite frankly, the climate change prophets of doom have not ended their assault on humanity since the 1970’s, when they claimed that man-made hydrocarbons were taking the world into another ice age.

From the freezer to the oven, these green Kool-Aid drinkers have sought ways to take wealth from industrialized nations and sprinkle it around 3rd world countries — while keeping a good chunk for themselves. Through proposed international taxation or attempts at controlling behavior, we are under assault from the carbosocialists.

But now, even the GOP frontrunners have demonstrated their allegiance to the junk science surrounding man-made climate change. In yesterday’s GOP debate, only Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Alan Keyes, Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson had the courage to disagree.

Alan Keyes laid the blame for this wave of carbosocialism on a betrayal of U.S. sovereignty, elite politicians and the destruction of our Constitution. He added that the only emission that is need of control is the hot air coming from politicians who make promises and never deliver. I have to say that I agree with his assessment.

Candidates Huckabee, Romney, Giuliani and McCain are in need of a reality check on their newfound religion. Any who think that man-made actions can reduce solar activity are suffering from group delusion.

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