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More taxation to save the planet

December 11, 2007

As I read this story, I was once again reminded of just how far to the left of reality most  greenies truly are. The very thought of charging parents $5000 for each newborn, and $800 annual carbon taxes per child is patently absurd.

In a piece by Sean Corrigan I saw the term carbosocialism for the first time. I think that’s probably the most accurate word to describe the baby tax proposed by Professor Walters,  a “medical expert” in western Australia. This gentleman prescribes “condoms and ‘greenhouse-friendly’ services such as sterilization procedures to earn carbon credits.”

I wonder if it’s too late to prevent this idiot from reproducing? Lord knows there are enough delusional people running around. There is no need for more of them.

Maybe the good professor should show his sincere concern over carbon dioxide emissions and stop breathing.

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  1. December 11, 2007 1:37 pm

    Don’t mean to sound too radical here but we all know the expression: “put your money where your mouth is.”

    Maybe all these moonbats should slightly modify that statement to read they should put a pistol where their mouth is and……PULL THE TRIGGER.

    That would put them out of our misery.

    But that’s just me…… 🙂

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