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Are you ready for the U.S. as a 3rd world country?

November 7, 2007

Despite the fact that the United States government is carrying a debt of over $9 trillion, our elected officials continue to spend our tax dollars like there is no tomorrow. We the people are rapidly being reduced to the status of a 3rd world nation. Think about that for a minute or two. That is not only a sobering thought, it’s a call to arms!

We are running out of time to save our country. It’s taken years of wasteful, shameful spending to reach this point. The much praised budget surplus under the Clinton administration was not used to pay a single cent toward the national debt. Instead of doing the right thing, our elected officials sought ways to squander that small surplus on items sure to gain political favor from the folks back home.

Yet even as the dollar sinks to new lows against other currencies, we hear politicians on the campaign trail talking about the need to increase spending — on health care, averting global warming, helping home buyers who can no longer afford their mortgage payments keep their homes, and bringing in consultants to help deal with ever increasing Social Security and Medicare costs. And let’s not forget the distant sound of war drums aimed in the direction of Iran.

Instead of talking about how to save our country and preserving our standard of living, those professional politicians, elected to represent us, continue to find new and improved methods of courting potential voters. Many of those potential voters are not what you might call critical thinkers. If they were, they wouldn’t be lulled into national financial suicide by political sweet talk.

According to a document prepared by the Congressional Research Service, we’re paying roughly $12 billion per month to pay for combat operations and nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are defending freedom with antique weapon systems that are at the end of life cycle. The B-52 bomber was introduced in the 1950s. The F-15, currently grounded over “concerns of airworthiness,” ensured air superiority when it was introduced in the 1970s.

The national drug control strategy will cost taxpayers $12.8 billion this year alone. With all the money spent over the past 20+ years, we still haven’t won the war on drugs – not even close.

I recently participated in a heated discussion with a friend and co-worker on this very topic. My friend feels that we have a moral obligation to keep people from using drugs. I should have asked him if we also had a moral obligation to convert them all to the religion of choice and drag them to church, thereby ensuring the salvation of their eternal souls.

Ok, that last part was me being mean. But seriously, why do we continue dumping money down the drain to keep people from drug use? We don’t spend money to prevent them from smoking, or drinking alcoholic beverages. We let them use those substances and make them pay taxes for the privilege of doing so. I’m not saying we shouldn’t spend money educating people on the dangers of drug addiction, or helping people throw off the chains of addiction. But maybe legalizing and taxing purchases would reduce street crime, reduce prison populations and who knows, we might even generate a little revenue to help pay off that massive national debt I mentioned a few paragraphs ago.

We bemoan the fact that other nations add a Value Added Tax onto imported products. We don’t do that to products we import from other countries. I read articles inked by free trade proponents talking about how other countries should drop their VAT on products we ship to them simply because we don’t reciprocate. Fat chance any government will give up that golden cash cow!

While not charging a VAT on products imported into the U.S. may keep consumers in the stores using credit cards to buy cheap merchandise, it does nothing to promote jobs for American workers. We no longer have a manufacturing base in this country. The sad case of Maytag should tell you everything you need to know about the state of manufacturing in this country.

If you’re not ready to accept the U.S. as a 3rd world country, dump the career politicians who have helped create this financial malaise and support candidates who can and will do something to save our country.

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