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I’m sorry Mr. Gore, universal health care is not a right

October 17, 2007

I just finished reading an article about former Vice President, and Nobel laureate Al Gore’s new crusade on the taxpayers’ wallet. I also watched Mr. Gore’s video presentation on the same topic. I have to tell you, I was underwhelmed. He appears much more wooden than usual. Watch it and tell me if he is under the influence of a substance, tired or just old.

In the video, he begins by proclaiming his strong support for “universal, single-payer, government provided or government funded health care.” He then goes on to say that it “doesn’t mean that the government runs it.” Sounds to me like double-speak, ala Orwell’s “1984.” He feels that it’s immoral that people can’t get the medical care they need because their income is not high enough to pay for it. It was his “it ought to be a matter of right” that really caught my attention.

Where in the 4543 words of the original, unamended U.S. Constitution is any such right mentioned? It isn’t.

Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution mentions a right to universal, government provided or government paid health care? Not one of them.

How much money will it take to provide this new “right” and where will the money come from? I can’t answer those questions, and I can’t offer any solutions to the problem of runaway costs. 

David Asman’s experiences with Britain’s socialized medical care are not surprising to me. Britain’s medical infrastructure is bankrupt. The Labor party has proposed denying health care services to people who do not live a “healthy life style.” If it doesn’t scare you that a government entity decides your fate based on their vision of a “healthy life style,” it should.

The recent Walter Reed Army Hospital embarrassment is a prime example of socialized health care services here in America. I’ve been in the military and I’ve seen some wonderful medical services and facilities and I’ve seen some service I can only describe as a “medical hobby shop.”

Quoting David Asman’s paraphrasing of Thomas Sowell, “there are no solutions to modern health care problems, only trade-offs.” I agree with his assessment.

I’m not so sure I’m ready to trade-off the capitalists’ unequal sharing of blessings with the socialists’ equal sharing of misery.

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