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Mediated or censored?

October 14, 2007

For anyone wondering why comments are mediated on my blog, I offer the following:

This is my blog and I set the rules here. I reserve the right to display or delete any and all comments. I don’t offend easily, but I do have standards. I don’t like spam and I won’t tolerate spammers littering my blog. My first blog was open to all comments and it was quickly turned into porn spam. I won’t have that here.

Whether you agree or disagree with a post I’ve made, feel free to comment. However, please refrain from launching into a long-winded diatribe of talking points that have nothing to do with the subject of the post to which you are commenting.

After my last post, there were those who felt compelled to attack me, rather than my comments on former President Carter’s recent behavior. It was immediately evident to me that they were either poorly educated or had consumed a rather large quantity of leftist Kool-Aid. In the interest of accuracy, I offer the following: Nazism is rooted in Socialism.

What? You don’t believe me? Here’s a link that might just open your eyes. Or if you prefer you can check Wikipedia.

Today’s “social progressives” or “new liberals” closely resemble Socialists. They are collectivists intent on forcing others to accept their ideology at any cost. They spew vitriol at any who disagree with their flawed philosophies or don’t show the appropriate level of respect to their heroes. Add violence to that mix and it would soon resemble radical Islam!

Some may be tempted to respond in-kind. Name-calling is unquestionably easier than refuting ideas. I ask that you do not sink to that level.

For those who take the time to read any of my posts, it is instantly recognizable that I do not promote Socialism in any form. Nor do I support collectivism. I strongly believe in the individual and his or her right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe that we are forced to surrender far too much of our wealth to the Government. I believe the Federal Government has far exceeded the authority granted it by the Constitution. And I also believe that we, the people, are not represented by those we elect to office.

I’ve made a few posts on those topics and more are forthcoming, as time permits.

In this post, I’ve

·         shown that I don’t practice censorship

·         stated that I mediate comments to ensure that my blog is spam-free

·         not refused to display any comment thus far, but I do reserve the right to do so

·         corrected the record as to what Nazism is

·         explained that I do not support Socialism or collectivism

·         asked that civil discourse be kept free of name-calling

·         revealed a few more of my core beliefs

Until next time,



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  1. October 14, 2007 11:18 pm

    You’re absolutely correct; it’s your blog and you have the right to delete offensive comments. There’s s big difference between engaging in heated debate and ad hominem attacks.

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