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Why won’t you listen? — I said the sky is falling, er burning!

April 28, 2007

A few days ago, I read an article in which leading climate change “experts” warned journalists against the dangers of balanced reporting on matters of “man-made” climate change. Too much “balanced” reporting? Everywhere you turn, you see gloom and doom articles in almost every “mainstream” news venue and most of them are blaming us.

The green Kool-Aid drinkers think the rest of the world should just blindly accept their word as gospel. To them, it’s nothing short of blasphemy to doubt their words (how dare you people think for yourselves!).

If you’ve read the news lately, there have been a few stories observing the fact that there has been an increase in solar activity. This article says sunspots are at a 1000 year high. However, the end of the article says that increased solar activity affects the earth’s climate indirectly and attributes global warming to man-made greenhouse gases. What’s wrong with that picture? Let me summarize for you:

  • Increased solar activity interferes with cell phones and GPS  reception
  • The ice cap at the south pole is increasing in size and density
  • The polar ice cap on Mars is shrinking
  • Increased solar activity indirectly affects Earth’s climate
  • Global warming is directly attributable to mankind
  • If you disagree with that last one, you are harming mankind’s chances of survival

Still other scientists paint a different picture. In an article titled “We’re not going to melt,” Sally Pipes presents an insightful argument against what she terms “ecodoomsters.” In the article, she details that the rate of growth for carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. is falling to a level half what it was in the 1990s. Methane emissions, which are 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide, have dropped by 12.8 percent. We’re producing less greenhouse gases, we’re polluting less and the air is cleaner. All facts the high priests of the green religion won’t talk about (remember — it’s blasphemy to doubt their word!).

Asian countries are worried that European green Kool-Aid drinkers are going to kill their tourism industry. Indeed, they have good reason to worry! The British Conservative Party leader says he will allow every Briton one short-haul air trip a year and make subsequent flights unaffordable. Here’s a quote from an article that appeared in the Asian Times. “The European Community plans to cap emissions on all aircraft flying out of Europe as part of a carbon-trading scheme that will take effect in 2011. Airlines will have to buy permits for exceeding carbon thresholds, with the cost being passed on to consumers.”

Hmmm… “a carbon-trading scheme.”

As documented by the Financial Times, the word “scheme” may be a bit of an understatement. It appears that many companies and individuals buying carbon indulgences — er offsets — are paying big money for emission reductions that never happen. Companies promising to reduce your carbon purgatory, taking huge sums of money and actually giving nothing in return? Say it ain’t so! And we’re told that greenies are all ethical and never lie? Yeah, right!

When it comes to the religion of climate change, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to form your own opinion. Remember, we are individuals, and this is NOT George Orwell’s 1984.

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