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What the hell is wrong with people today?

April 4, 2007

From terrorists attacking anything and everything to mysterious diseases killing bees, the news is simply bad. Surely, there must be something good to report. The sad fact is that bad news sells, good news doesn’t.

So, let’s take a look at the news of late…

First up is a story of 42–year-old Alexander Cross, arrested in Hamilton County, Tennessee for molesting a 15–year-old girl. Seems that the girl fell in love after the old pervert performed oral sex on her. After 10 days of imprisonment, Alexander was in the shower when a guard realized that “Alexander” was not a man. “Elaine” Cross received a 6 year probation for the molestation of the young girl. The young victim is dealing with the fact that the person she “fell in love with” didn’t exist.

Our second stop is Shoals Alabama, where 45–year-old Reba Diane Brinell was arrested for criminal solicitation, second-degree rape. What makes this so repulsive is that she offered a pizza delivery man a romp with her own teenage daughter in exchange for a free pizza. No matter how much time this woman spends in a jail cell, it will never be enough. I have no idea how a young girl can ever deal with the fact that her mother offered to trade her young body in exchange for free food. To be of so little value to your own mother!

Next is the tale of five unsupervised 5th grade school children arrested for having sex in a classroom. Two 11–year-old girls, a 12–year-old boy and a 13–year-old boy were charged with obscenity (a felony) and an 11–year-old boy who acted as lookout was charged with accessory after the fact. Apparently they performed for other, younger students in the class. This event took place in rural Louisiana. I don’t know what the court will do to these children, but let’s hope they get them some help. As for the teacher responsible for 15 minutes of unsupervised time – firing is too good. Unfortunately, the teachers’ union is too strong. I predict that teacher will be absolved of all guilt. After all, it’s easier to blame the parents for raising such children…

New Jersey is the location of our next look at depravity, American style. 50–year-old James Holmberg paid a 21–year-old hooker to have sex with a 12 year old boy while in his presence. Apparently, the business woman was no stranger to the lad, having serviced him on at least one prior occasion. If convicted, these predators could face 20 years in prison. One can only hope…

Last but not least, we look at justice, Texas style. 35–year-old Tracy Roberson was having a fling with her 32–year-old lover in a pickup, parked in her driveway, when her husband returned home a little early. Apparently Tracy didn’t want her husband to know about her secret life, so she cried “rape,” after which, her husband killed the “rapist” with a single shot to the head. After an investigation, Darrel Roberson was cleared of wrong doing — he did what any man would do to protect his wife. However, his cheating wife was arrested and charged in the death of her lover. She faces the possibility of two to twenty years behind bars all because she lacked the courage to tell the truth. And because of her cowardice, a man is dead. The maximum sentence is doubtful, but if I were the judge…

until next time…



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  1. April 7, 2007 9:05 am

    I read the one about the 5th grade kids a few days ago and all I could come up with at the time was, WTF!

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