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No impact – lead by example

March 24, 2007

Although I do not believe any of the junk science surrounding man-made climate change, I was impressed by an article I read in the New York Times a couple of days ago. The article is rather lengthy, but I recommend reading it.

This couple is four months into a yearlong “lifestyle experiment.” Among the things they’ve given up:

  • paper products – including toilet paper
  • foods grown outside a 250 mile radius of their home
  • television (aka “the plug-in drug”)
  • shopping in stores
  • carbon-based fuel for transportation

The last time I saw environmentalism of this nature was in the late 60s and early 70s. Those practitioners were called “hippies.” They were even more extreme in their “lifestyle experiment.” 

The family in this article is urban, they live in Manhattan and are very much part of the “establishment.” So that leaves out the hippy factor. Agree of disagree, you have to respect them for walking the walk.

The question that begs asking: when will Al Gore lead by example?

I’m not into radical lifestyle changes like these. I live too far away from my job and there is no mass transit (horse-drawn or not). I enjoy foods that are not grown in my local area. No matter what, I’m not surrendering toilet paper in exchange for “finger bowls” and a drip dry!

Conservation is a good thing. My grandmother always used to say “waste not, want not.” It took me a few years to figure out that she was not only doing her part to reduce her monthly expenditures, she was trying to teach me to be a conservationist. She didn’t like seeing lights left on in empty rooms. She didn’t like to see uneaten food thrown away. She didn’t like seeing a water faucet turned on when not being used.

In little ways, we can all make a difference in not only our own quality of life, but also that of future generations.


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