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When a lie becomes an inconvenient truth

March 17, 2007

It’s been a while since my last attempt at arranging letters and words into a coherent missive. Although there are many things happening in the world that are worthy of  discussing, we are constantly barraged with stories of pending cataclysmic climate change — and that we’re to blame for it. I refuse to partake of that kool-aid and feel a responsibility to try to explain the difference between fact and fantasy.

Climate change is a reality
That is an undisputable truth. It occurs four times each year, normally called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Global warming is upon us
True, we are in a period of global warming. This is not the first time planet Earth has experienced global warming. Barring an outbreak of nuclear war, and the subsequent killing of all life on the planet, Earth will continue experiencing cycles of warming and cooling.

Climate change is caused by man-made greenhouse gasses
That statement is patently false. There is no scientific evidence to date that proves this theory. Yes, I know, you’ve seen computer models. Those are based on data developed by theory, not extracted from physical science. “Torture numbers, and they’ll confess to anything.”
               —  Gregg Easterbrook in THE NEW REPUBLIC

Purchasing carbon offsets allows one to live a carbon-neutral life
This is a bald-faced lie. Anyone who believes he can erradicate his carbon guilt by paying someone else not to do the same thing is a fool. Those who believe someone claiming to live a carbon-neutral life by purchasing carbon offsets has had more than his share of green kool-aid. Here’s a question for the green kool-aid drinkers… whom do we pay to not do the things we want to continue doing?

Climate change, global warming — and global cooling — are normal occurrances in nature. This planet has endured many significant climate change cycles.

30 years ago, some scientists were blaming mankind’s use of carbon-based energy sources for an impending ice age. The prophesied catastrophic ice age became global warming. And guess what? It’s caused by mankind’s use of the same carbon-based energy sources.

Older green kool-aid drinkers were probably too stoned during the 60s and 70s to remember any of what I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. If they weren’t stoned, they simply didn’t care.

Younger generations of green kool-aid drinkers have been spoon-fed a constant barrage of the evils of carbon-based fuel use, and especially that most evil of all fuels — gasoline.

Cheap energy is in everyone’s best interest
Oil deposits are plentiful both within the United States and off-shore. Green legislation makes it impossible to develop those land-based or off-shore resources. Significant development of those resources would drive down the price of oil on the world market, making cheap energy more available. But U.S. oil companies can’t be trusted to develop land-based or off-shore oilfields safely, or so the story goes.

While U.S. oil companies are buying foreign oil in ever-increasing quantities, Cuba has sold off-shore oil leases to China. The Chinese government will be able to develop many oilfields that U.S. companies have been denied the opportunity to develop. Does anyone believe that Chinese oil workers operating off our coast will be more environmentally friendly than U.S. oil companies?

Nuclear energy provides some of the least expensive electrical power. There are 250+ nuclear power plants in various stages of design or construction around the world. None of them are in the United States. Yes, there are risks involved with the use of nuclear power. If the desire to provide cheap electrical power to the masses is imortant, those risks can be mitigated by independant construction quality assurance and adherance to safety regulations.

Renewable energy sources are the key to saving the planet
While I can find no real harm in this statement, I will say that renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc are the most expensive and unreliable forms of energy available.

How much better the world would be if we simply stopped using carbon-based fuels and went to renewable energy sources? Well, maybe. Those promoting its use suggest that it’s only expensive because the oil companies aren’t paying for it. And why should they. Does the pharmacist pay for your groceries? Does the butcher pay your house payment? That’s not the nature of business.

I submit that cheap energy is not important to the green kool-aid drinkers. They have an agenda and will not be dissuaded by concerns of their fellow man’s economic well being.

What, no links to other sites?
Nope, not this time. I’ll save that for the next installment. I’ll close with an old Egyptian prayer that goes something like this… “May God stand between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk.”


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